Excitement Illustrated

When I’m commissioning art for my games, I want more than “just” technically well drawn pieces. I want art that excites my players, that makes them want to break out the game and start playing. Jeshields always delivers art that is alive and crackling with adventure.

From the first pieces I commissioned for my Sun Below Numenera adventures, to my Gods and Icons 13th Age and The Gods Have Spoken 5E supplements, Jeshields’ illustrations have captured the excitement of the setting and helped sell my games.

I’m proud of all the positive customer comments I get about our art, and Jeshields’ art is one of the main reasons for that. I couldn’t be happier.

John WS Marvin

Fast, Reliable, and Talented!

I worked as an art director with JE Shields on the critically-acclaimed Aethera Campaign Setting. His illustrations for our book were not only of phenomenal quality, but delivered with great concern to tight deadlines. The collaborative spirit JE Shields brings to his work is likewise astounding. He regularly showed progress on his assignments and collaborated fantastically.

Robert Brookes

Great to Work With

James did work for me on a White Star compatible product called Legacy of the Oros. He was responsive, timely and very skilled. His art was integral to the product and I would use him again for any RPG project.

Paul Wolfe

Great communication

We commissioned dozens of character illustrations from James Shields for a roleplaying game supplement, Ruins of Atlanta. His communication was excellent, and he delivered what he promised when he promised it. We consider Ruins of Atlanta to be the best sourcebook we’ve published so far, and we are pleased that James’ work is part of it.

Brandon Blackmoor

Premium Stock Art worth the name

JESHIELDS provides a multitude of Premium Stock Art which more than lives up to the label. His assortment of Stock Art across genres ranges from Fantasy over Cyberpunk to Sci-Fi and Post-Apoc. Each piece is lovingly created with attention to details not found in other stock art providers. His art has highly improved my products while being affordable even to small projects, and I look forward to using his stock art in many more products!

Manuel Sambs

Great RPG artist – a joy to work with

StoryWeaver was an early backer of J. As a game designer, I saw great tallent just about to break into the industry, and J. has not disappointed. Beside being a great artist, J. also communicates well and picks up on ideas from authors and runs with ’em. If you are an indie publisher, then J.’s an excellent partner. Five star rating. Two thumbs up. Set volume to 11.

Doc' Joe Sweeney

I wanted some really weird

I wanted some really weird stuff illustrated for a tabletop RPG; James obliged with gusto! He provided artwork that was far better than the art direction that preceded it. He worked in several styles, provided useful updates, made adjustments, and hit deadlines. I hope that James doesn’t become too famous to work with Scablands again in the future.

Slade Stolar

Quality & Professionalism in Spades

James Shields is a consummate professional. He produces quality work on a deadline and at excellent rates. All the while, he maintains strong communication which helps build more than a client/freelancer relationship. I began as a fan of Mr. Shields work. His stock art regularly appeared in many of my own publications, including White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying. These days, I have a kindred spirit in my creative endeavors and a partner I look forward to working with for years to come.

James M. Spahn

Awesome work!

When I approached JE about doing some work on my game Nefarious Designs, I was pretty clueless about what I needed or wanted. It was my first foray into talking to artists about illustrations for anything. The process was painless and easy. With a very rough thoughts in my e-mail, JE came up with some awesome illustrations that have generated many compliments since they were finished.

Definitely will work with him again on future projects!

Christopher S Walck

I really love James’ work.

I really love James’ work. His black and white pieces are his most impressive work of art. But don’t get me wrong, his color illustrations bring life to the blanks his black ink spans to make some really beautiful art pieces, some of the best I have seen on the independent RPG artists lot.
Follow his Patreon and you will see with your own eyes the beauty of his work, even better, become his patron and help him bring you more awesome art so you can use on your RPG projects or games.

Luis Castro


Working with Je is always a treat. He is able to capture my vision and put in on paper. His color work is great but for us it’s his black and white ones that shine. I can’t recommend working with him enough.

Romall Smith