Hey, everybody. 

My name is James E. Shields, but my business name is Jeshields.

I’ll start with how most people know me. I’m an artist and have been drawing comic styled art for decades, and especially RPG characters. I started roleplaying in my early teens, and became enamored with the artwork of Ramón Pérez in the pages of Rifts. Since then, I’ve always wanted to work for the RPG industry, but I never really drew professionally until my early 30s. So, without boring you with all the details, let me tell you who I am beyond the pencil, ink, and Photoshop.

I’ve been a husband of a wonderful wife since October of 2001. I am also the proud, protective father of two daughters and two sons, in that order. I am a Marine Corps veteran with a deployment to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Above all that has been mentioned already, I am a very devoted follower of Christ. While I don’t back down from the term, I hesitate to use the word ‘Christian’ due to all the harm that has been done under that banner. I am also a seminary graduate with my Masters in Bible Theology and I am an ordained minister of the Gospel.

I recognize all of the above makes me a bit unique in the RPG industry, but being fans of roleplaying games, there’s not a single one of us who aren’t unique. I think I’ll end here. Thanks for reading and I hope I have the pleasure of talking with anybody who’s made it this far.

God bless and happy dice-rolling.