Jeshields provides three types of licensing: All Rights/Work for Hire, All Rights for a Limited Purpose, and Non-Exclusive. Our standard Non-Exclusive license allows you to use the purchased media indefinitely for one product type through the terms listed below.

Our Non-Exclusive License

Subject to restrictions listed under Prohibited Uses below, the following are ‘Permitted Uses’:

  • Online, electronic, and physical publications, including books, zines, web pages, and ebooks.
  • Altering the media for original printing, reprinting, and marketing purposes, limited to: cropping, flipping, mixing, resizing, and coloring black and white illustrations.
  • Any personal, non-commercial uses.

Prohibited Uses

  • Commercial products or purposes that are primarily designed for visually artistic value, including, but not limited to: stock art, tokens, posters, t-shirts, logos, and printable miniatures;
  • Sharing, distributing, or transferring the media or the rights granted under these terms;
  • Using the media in a product that would be considered by us or under applicable law to be sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or defamatory in nature, or that would be reasonably likely to bring Jeshields or JeStockArt into disrepute;
  • Using the media without either including the artist’s identifying mark in its original orientation adjacent to the media or giving credit to the artist in publishing credits as: ‘¬©Jeshields’.

All stock media available on this site is licensed under our Non-Exclusive license.

The following All Rights/Work for Hire and All Rights for a Limited Purpose licenses are available exclusively for illustrations commissioned directly from Jeshields.

All Right/Work for Hire

Our All Rights/Work for Hire license grants the following terms and conditions:

  • Full ownership of the artwork upon completion and receipt of full payment;
  • The artwork is made for hire, and except for the terms listed below, includes all rights, and shall be the exclusive property of the purchaser, along with all copyright, title, and interest;
  • Jeshields retains the right to display the artwork in portfolios, galleries, and advertisements, and to sell or distribute prints of the artwork credited as intellectual property of the purchaser.

All Rights for a Limited Purpose

Our All Rights for a Limited Purpose license includes all terms and conditions of the Non-Exclusive license, plus the following qualifier:

  • The purchaser shall have the exclusive right to use the artwork for their specific product type.

By purchasing any media on this site, you acknowledge that no transfer of copyright exists, and you are purchasing a license to use the media per the terms set forth in this licensing agreement.

For questions or licensing uses not listed here, please feel free to contact us.